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Kevin Walshaw

"The Technician of Gundog Training Wizardry"

Mate & Mentor, Kevin Walshaw

Every so often something or someone makes an impact in your life, and in my case, it is a man who has made a truly outstanding contribution to the sport of Field Trialling in this country.

I first met Kevin when he and The GSP Society of NSW organised a training weekend near Goulburn in the South West Slopes of NSW. This was during the 70’s when I had my first GSP and I was very much a newcomer to the breed.

I can speak for all who attended that weekend, we were overwhelmed with his extensive knowledge and experience, and his willingness to share this with others. To this day, I remember being in total awe while watching his dogs work in the paddock.

Kevin and his dog “Zac”, better known as FT Ch Southcreek Zachary CM, under Kevin’s skill and handling, became the top winning Field Trial dog ever in Australia.  Both Kevin and Zac went on to be inducted into the inaugural Field & Retrieving Trial “Hall of Fame” in 2000.

Kevin’s other dogs include Althof Thor, Feldhund Peg and his homebred FT Ch Sedgefield Georgia, who could have become another top winning bitch, but sadly, Kevin he lost her to Heartworm when she was still quite young. From three trials, she placed 1st on two occasions and 2nd, all in Open Stakes.

“His lifelong enjoyment of hunting with dogs stemmed as much from a sense of the importance of conservation and regard for game species as from the excitement of seeing a well-bred and trained dog show its true worth. He is still very much involved in nature conservation.” (Lynn Butler)

Kevin has dedicated over forty years to his favourite sport and in that time has only been unplaced 12 times in competition.

He has set a glowing example to the judging fraternity in terms of both knowledge and integrity, just as he has set the standard for other triallers to emulate.

I am very proud to have known Kevin and for some 30 years as he is one of the all-too-few people in the dog world who I can honestly say I have total admiration and respect.

These days, Kevin enjoys as much time as he can with his wife, children and grand children, but he will always be available to talk to you and tell some stories or offer advice, so to you Kevin, my sincere gratitude and thanks.

You and your achievements will live on forever.
Lyn Mansfield

FT Ch. Sedgefield Georgia ('Georgia')
FT Ch Sedgefield Georgia, pictured above and below with Kevin.
Georgia with Kevin

FT Ch South Creek Zachary CM
Althof Thor, at 10 weeks
FT Ch. South Creek Zachary CM
Pencil sketch of "Zac"
by Lyn Mansfield


Feldhund Peg, on point

FT CH Althof Axel