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Here are just some of the sketches and designs I have been dabbling in over the years….
when I found the time…and patience.

I am proud to say I designed both the “Australian National Kennel Council” logo and
“The Royal NSW Canine Council”, now “Dogs NSW”.

I was also responsible for “The Golden Retriever Club of NSW”, “The Golden Retriever Club of SA”
National logos and more recently, “The Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW”
which was completely computer generated on my Mac using
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I am completely self-taught on the computer, still lots to learn,
but one-day hope to create websites as good as this.


Current ANKC logo Current Dogs NSW logo  

The Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW logo

Sheltie Spectacular logo

Sheltie logo